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The Best Time to Buy and Sell a Home in 2017

Everyone wants to stay one step ahead of the trends, whether it’s in fashion, technology, or the real estate market. Home buyers and sellers have been scrutinizing Washington, DC’s housing market predictions since January, trying to figure out the best time in 2017 to make an offer or put their homes on the market.

Predictions for the DC Housing Market

Since the real estate market changes constantly, especially from neighborhood to neighborhood, it’s impossible to know exactly what will happen this year. But past home sales and market trends are incredibly useful when making predictions. Here is what we can expect from the 2017 real estate market:

  • Not enough homes to keep up with demand
  • Higher home prices due to low inventory
  • Higher mortgage rates

What These Trends Mean for Buyers and Sellers

If you’ve been thinking about buying a home or selling a home in the Washington, DC area, now’s the time to act.

buyers searching for homesBuyers, you should consider locking in the low mortgage rates. Even though interest rates are rising, they’re still at historic lows. If you’re ready to get pre-qualified for a mortgage and need a recommendation for a lender in DC, call us at (202) 256-0639.

Sellers, you should consider taking advantage of the limited competition. We’ll help you aggressively market your home, find a qualified buyer, and sell your home for the most money possible. Get started by reviewing our cleaning and decluttering tips, following these steps to sell, and letting us know you’re ready to put your home on the market.

Ready to Get Started? Talk to The Rockwell Group

Want to learn more about buying or selling a home in Washington, DC? Our licensed real estate professionals have more than 30 years of collective experience and more than $300 million in sales. Whether you’re buying your first home, searching for a larger house, or selling your property, we’ll guide you through every detail of your transaction. Ready to take the first steps? Call us at (202) 256-0639.

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